10 little things that improve the quality of life

It seems

that in order to achieve changes in life, you need to do something grandiose, fundamentally change everything. Burn bridges, start everything with a clean sheet. However, the changes begin with the little things, with small steps that do not require serious preparation. You can make them today.

1. Putting gadgets into the “Airplane” mode

The more time we spend in front of the screen of a laptop, smartphone and other gadgets, the greater the risk of depression, problems with sleep, increase the level of stress, anxiety, fatigue and reduce self -esteem.

Therefore, during the day it is useful to at least several times transfer the phone into the “Airplane” mode so that no one and nothing distract you, so that you do not feel obligated to read notifications, open letters and respond to messages. This will help to better concentrate and stay “here and now” – alone with yourself, with family, friends, loved ones and what you are now busy with.

2. Correct landing

We are sitting in one place, hunched over in front of the laptop. This inevitably leads to the occurrence of clamps in the body and affects both physical health and mood and self -confidence. So, by straightening the shoulders and sowing more correctly and more convenient, you can get rid of excess tension and stress.

However, do not try to force yourself to straighten up – sooner or later the body will take his usual position. Better perform special exercises (a lot of video tutorials can be found on the Internet).

3. Correct breathing

On average, we make 20,000 breaths and exhalations per day. And if we breathe incorrectly, it can quickly lead to an increase in fatigue, stress and pain in the body. Finding a complex of breathing exercises on YouTube, you can solve this problem.

Many of us are used to being in the “beat or run” mode and experience hyperventilation. Relaxation and proper breathing will lead to the fact that blood pressure will decrease, the dream will normalize. It will also help reduce the risk of impact or heart attack.

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